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CoreNett is a transactions processing Management Company that provides cutting edge solutions which allows financial institutions, retailers and governments to process all types of electronic transactions. Our electronic transactions processing infrastructure and environment facilitates electronic payment transactions, electronic purse systems, pre-payment systems, bill and budget payment systems. CoreNett assists its member financial institutions and clients in achieving their electronic payment goals with bespoke and effective consumer marketing and expert technical and operational support.

CoreNett is also proud to be a global developer of value added information technology solutions and related services. We cater for the growing business needs of private and public sectors as well as foreign governments.

CoreNett also offers commercial software development services, federal government contracting, and advanced research and development activities. The foundation of CoreNett is embedded in the expertise and varied experience its personnel and they bring to bear excellent management principles as well as an eye for domestic and international quality standards. We have a proven track record of timely delivery and offering cost-effective solutions to our clients. At CoreNett, quality is not an option, but a necessity.

We are competent in every stage of the software development life cycle, we offer requirements definition and specification, programming and other development activities, as well as product testing implementation, and support.