Management Team

People and culture make CoreNett a great place to work. Each person in our management team is unique and valued for being amongst the best, brightest and competent in business and we take pride in all our achievements and the success of our clients. Our culture is inclusion, collaboration, high performance and satisfaction.

Mr. Michael Amankwa

Managing Director / CEO

Michael Amankwa can best be described as business mogul, who holds the belief that technology is the blood that runs through every innovation in the 21st century. He has etched a notable position in the African information technology space.

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Mr. Adeyemi Omotoso

General Manager Special Projects

At 99 degrees water is hot, at 100 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water comes steam and that steam can power a locomotive. It is that extra one degree that makes a difference. This position has formed the belief Adeyemi holds dear to heart that prosperity, economic security and increasing self-worth is achievable by all men one degree at a time.

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Mr. Rajesh Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Rajesh Kumar is the Chief Technology Officer in charge of CoreNett's technologies and information systems. Prior to joining CoreNett, Mr. Rajesh Kumar had worked with an Indian based company M/s. HMA STARware Pvt. Ltd., as the Asst. Vice President – Marketing & Business Development.

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Mr. Ofoe Abiassi

Transaction Fulfillment Officer

Prior to joining CoreNett Ltd in June 2006, Mr. Abiassi worked with OPE (Overseas Processing Entity) a Local branch of CWS (Church World Service) a refugee resettlement agency based in Accra were he significantly assisted in the processing and settlement of thousands of West African refugees mainly from Liberia and Sierra Leone who sought asylum in Ghana.

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Mrs. Candy Dsane

Head of Card Production Unit

Candy has had a number of years’ experience in the Technology space, assuming key roles in Customer Service as well as Operations management. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science from the University of Cape Coast. Candy joined CoreNett as a Customer Care officer.Iin this capacity, she played a key role in service delivery; her key focus was to delight her customers during every facet of customer interaction or journey.

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