Adeyemi Omotoso

Mr. Adeyemi Omotoso

General Manager Special Projects

At 99 degrees water is hot, at 100 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water comes steam and that steam can power a locomotive. It is that extra one degree that makes a difference. This position has formed the belief Adeyemi holds dear to heart that prosperity, economic security and increasing self-worth is achievable by all men one degree at a time. Adeyemi have passionately committed to the pursuit of this dream for almost a decade through relevant, customer and social-centric financial services and technologies in a number of Africa countries.

Adeyemi as a seasoned Payment Technology and Digital Financial Services specialist began his career with a successful tenure at Hammond Financial Services where he served as a Project Officer Payment Technology & e-channels. He consequently moved on to head the Project Management & Client Fulfillment department of Finance Application Systems (FASYL) Group payment division, FASYL Payment Technology Limited where he assumed responsibility to manage and deliver on large scale enterprise and bespoke payment technology projects across Africa in countries where FASYL operates.

Adeyemi is currently responsible for a robust yet diversified portfolio which includes project management, fintech product design, development & lifecycle management and strategic functions with CoreNett Limited. CoreNett is one of Africa’s leading and fast growing fintech companies changing the financial inclusion space with disruptive yet relevant products and services. Adeyemi leads a competent team that identifies big problems, design & develops disruptive solutions and work closely with clients to create value with focus on innovation and excellence. He holds a BSc. Petroleum & Gas Engineering and a Master of Managerial Psychology from the University of Lagos. He was also recently part of the cohorts of great business minds representing CoreNett that participated in the Stanford SEED program in Accra Ghana