Mr. Rajesh Kumar

Mr. Rajesh Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Rajesh Kumar is the Chief Technology Officer in charge of CoreNett's technologies and information systems. Prior to joining CoreNett, Mr. Rajesh Kumar had worked with an Indian based company M/s. HMA STARware Pvt. Ltd., as the Asst. Vice President – Marketing & Business Development'.

Mr. Rajesh had a stint of over 11 years association with HMAS, having also worked in various other capacities such as Head - Software Testing, Project Manager, Manager - Software House, Internal lead Auditor for Software Quality process. He had been a part of the core team for strategizing the business planning & revenue generation, having executed the same for some pockets of APAC & MEA regions. He had been instrumental in the successful implementation of the Card Payment System solutions for some of the leading Indian banks. He possesses strong specialized skills & distinct know-how in the card Payment System, Processing & Reconciliation space. He has a good understanding of ATM, POS, Kiosks, TCD, HSM, ISO-8583 messaging.

During the last few years, he had also extended consultation services to the Bankers' Association, Central Bank & few Individual banks in Ethiopia & Sudan, on the Road map to set up their card Payment System network and run them effectively & efficiently.

Prior to his Joining HMAS, he had about 9 years of successful tenure in the 'Office Automation' industry space in India.

Mr. Rajesh earned a Masters in Banking & Insurance Management from the Annamalai University and also holds a Diploma in Electronics & Communication System from India.