Mr. Michael Amankwa

Mr. Michael Amankwa

Vice Chairman

Michael Amankwa can best be described as business mogul, who holds the belief that technology is the blood that runs through every innovation in the 21st century. He has etched a notable position in the African information technology space.

Mr. Amankwa began his advanced education from James Madison University, USA where he earned a Bsc. Business Administration in Accounting. He then attained a Master of Science Degree in Information Technology & Telecommunication Systems from The Johns Hopkins University, USA. Michael has also participated in the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED)’s Transformation program. He also holds several Microsoft Certifications.

The genesis of his career in technology was birthed at Booz Allen Hamilton - (USA) where he served as a Senior Consultant (Enterprise Networking Management) and worked in different capacities and on key Government projects for various US federal agencies and foreign governments. He was also elected President of the Booz Allen Hamilton Toast Masters. Michael is a noted motivational speaker and has hosted and attended speaking engagements throughout the Washington Metropolitan area in US and Africa.

He consequently developed perspicacity for business and served as a senior principal for two internet start-up companies. He also provided strategic vision on value added services for various Information Technology companies, meeting the growing needs of private and public sectors as well as foreign governments.

Michael serves as the CEO for CoreNett Limited. The company has evolved organically from a technology solutions company into a relevant VAS partner, focusing on using cutting edge technology to drive financial and social inclusion across Africa. It currently operates in 9 countries in Africa and Asia.

Michael stands by the assertion that if there are dreams about changing the lives of millions of people in Africa, then technology is one of the major roads that can lead us to the realization of this dream; he sees himself as one of the drivers who can chauffeur this vehicle on the road to achieving this objective.