Fluxxi EFT Switch

Fluxxi Switch is a proven and a high performance EFT [Electronic Fund Transfer] Switch capable of authorizing & routing any financial transactions based on pre-defined rules/configuration. Capabilities:

  • Support for all Industry standard ATM protocols
  • Multi-Institution, Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual
  • Support for both Mag-Stripe & EMV Transactions
  • Card based & Cardless
  • National Switch, VISA, MasterCard & external networks integration
  • Support for Standard banking & VAS transactions
  • ATM Health Status & Cash Position monitoring
  • Flexible Withdrawal limit support
  • ATM Electronic Journal Pulling
  • Highly Configurable Transaction routing, based on Networks, Device Type, Transaction Type, Institutions, etc.
  • Flexible Withdrawal Limits based upon Account Type, Card Type, etc.
  • Stand-In Authorization