KnoxxiCast empower businesses to rapidly deploy and manage proximity services and campaigns via geo-fencing, beacons & smart tags.

Rewards & Loyalty - This module also allows you create rewards and loyalty rules and assign seamlessly to your content, products or services linked to any or all KnoxxiBeacons

Campaign [Content] Management - Create and schedule campaigns, manage your locations, and enables direct communication with customers based on a person's proximity to your location, interest, behaviour, service point or products

Geo-fencing & Micro-location- Maximize foot traffic by targeting street level or wider geozones. Combined with KnoxxiBeacons and Campaign Management Module creates a unique experience and optimum results

App integration - KnoxxiCast SDK for iOS and Android allows you to seamlessly transform your existing mobile app into a powerful mobile marketing platform.

Real World Analytics - Review and optimize your business traffic and mobile campaigns using key metrics such as visits, average time in venue, frequency, notifications, revenue and conversions.

Beacon Manager - Managing our KnoxxiBeacons and their distribution process is a breeze. Follow the simple steps to assign them to locations and link to your preferred campaign profiles.