Diebold Nixdorf is a services company providing integrated technology solutions that enable our customers to maximize their self-service and security capabilities. Diebold Nixdorf's primary customers include financial institutions, as well as government agencies, commercial enterprises and various retail outlets.

Diebold Nixdorf's service staff is one of the largest in the industry, with more than 7,000 professionals in 600 locations worldwide. The service organizations service Diebold Nixdorf solutions as well as multiple third-party vendor products for the financial and commercial market segments around the globe.

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Thales is one of the world leaders in the provision of information and communication systems security solutions for government, defence, critical infrastructure operators, enterprises and the finance industry. Thales's unique position in the market is due to its end-to-end security offering spanning the entire value chain in the security domain. The comprehensive offering includes architecture design, security and encryption product development, evaluation and certification preparation and through-life management services.

Thales has 40 years of unrivalled track record in protecting information from 'sensitive but unclassified' up to 'top secret' and a comprehensive portfolio of security products and services, which includes network security products, application security products and secured telephony products.

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This company has been providing banking equipment, software and services to banks and companies engaged in retail trade for more than 20 years. The company BS/2 is an exclusive partner of Wincor Nixdorf. Universal software solutions and services of BS/2 are well-known and available in 69 countries worldwide.

BS/2 has been awarded the Best Service Banking 2013/2014 prize in ‘Wincor Nixdorf’ Partner Summit 2014 for its successful business in Georgia. The company’s activities have also been acknowledged in the Special Achievement Banking 2013/2014 category for its particularly high sales results in Moldova. Yet another – Special Achievement Banking 2013/2014 prize went jointly to BS/2 and its partner company ‘Komtec’ in Azerbaijan. The companies have been awarded for their successful business in the banking sector of Azerbaijan.

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PAX Technology manufactures the world’s highest quality & most secure electronic payment (EFT-POS) terminals.

With over 8 million POS and MPOS terminals deployed globally, customers consistently say PAX is way ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and technical support. Please browse our wide portfolio of solutions on this website.

PAX is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as PAX Global Technology (code 0327)

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Vivantti licensed by Bank of Ghana ( BoG Code: 000384) leverages on its strategic relationship with its partner Knoxxi to forge a solid financial services institution to meet its clients and customers at the point of their need. The Vivantti-Knoxxi partnership catalyzes lasting change, creating an ecosystem in which the unbanked and under-banked have the chance to seize control of their own lives. We do this with a holistic development approach geared toward inclusion, using tools like micro-savings, micro-loan, micro-insurance, loyalty and rewards, public education, health care and communication. We actively collaborate with social enterprises, service providers and merchants to ensure that we give our clients a Knoxxi experience thereby improving community empowerment.

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Knoxxi is a platform that offers the opportunity for businesses and institutions to improve sales and market penetration. It engages customers & consumers through positive and impactful loyalty & reward scheme, gathers relevant data and trends about the market & customers

Knoxxi achieves this by empowering businesses to engage people (both customer and/or consumer), by adding value to their daily lives through their spending habits coupled with their social influence to form a network that collectively patronize, spend and relate with the business and merchants frequently.

Knoxxi in a strategic partnership with Vivantti presents a unique platform to drive the wealth creation, onboarding and ease of empowering millions of Africans with financial and economic security.

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